Let the Black Women Say Ase’

The Aya Collective MN is an organization for Black women that focuses on deepening our writing practice by centering our spirituality and building community. Formerly called the Kinky Curly Theological Collective, the Aya Collective offers writing workshops, coaching opportunities, and collaborative projects where participants have been coming together to share ideas since 2018. 

This year, the Aya Collective has worked with a group of women to write and produce our first anthology – And Let the Black Women Say Ase’! We are so excited to share our work with the world in the coming months. However, we need your financial support so we can make our dreams a reality. Can we count on you to make a tax deductible donation of $25, $100, or $250 towards our goal of $5000? Your donation will help us to: 

  • Compensate our writers
  • Edit and publish our anthology
  • Host a book launching in the spring of 2022

Meet some of our writers.
Here are a few of the writers that will be contributing to our anthology. There are many more!!!

A few of our authors!
First column: Jean Loyd, Ife Olatunji, June Price; Second column: Dr. Artika Tyner, Ayolanda Mack; Third column: Barbara Fadirepo, Ihotu Ali, Theresa Nix; Fourth Column: Holly Fidley, Princess Haley; Last column: Ebony Adedayo, Elizabeth Price, Barseana Simond.

Visit our fundraising page on GiveMN and make your tax deductible donation today! We sincerely appreciate your support.

Published by ebonyjohanna

I wear my faith like a royal garment, I treasure it, I respect it, I live and respond out of it, calling others to enter into a lifestyle of walking in the garden, in the cool of the day...with their creator. I beg for change; I crave harmony and unity between you and I. Like the rivers crave water, it is so much a part of my being, so much a part of me!

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