KCTC’s 3rd Annual Gathering: Creating Spaces for Ourselves

Black women often spend our lives living in boxes that someone else designed to control and confine us. This conference will unpack what it means for Black women to define for ourselves how we will show up in the world by centering our spirituality and culture, cultivating opportunities, and finding belonging. 

The gathering will feature panel discussions, a writing workshop, and a presentation with Dr. Christena Cleveland. Be sure to register now.  If you cannot attend, but would like to support KCTC’s efforts, please feel free to make a tax deductible donation here.

BONUS NEWS: three attendees will be entered into a drawing to receive The Gospel According to a Black Woman and a $25 gift certificate from GrubHub (Valued at 43.99). 

Please note: this gathering is open to all interested parties and will intentionally center the narratives and experiences of Black identified women. 

Published by ebonyjohanna

I wear my faith like a royal garment, I treasure it, I respect it, I live and respond out of it, calling others to enter into a lifestyle of walking in the garden, in the cool of the day...with their creator. I beg for change; I crave harmony and unity between you and I. Like the rivers crave water, it is so much a part of my being, so much a part of me!

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