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Aya Media and Publishing, LLC is a new company focusing on independent publishing for Black and African identified women and girls. We published our first project in the fall of 2020 called The Gospel According to a Black Woman. Written by Ebony Adedayo, author and founder of the Aya Collective, the Gospel According to a Black Woman focuses on Black women speaking from the depth of our experience, our truth and wisdom to the world. It does this by taking a word that has been traditionally used in a religious context and opening up to broader usage. From the book’s back cover: What happens if we, as Black women, insisted that truth is not only found in sacred texts like the Bible, but is also found in us, within the depths of our experience? What happens if we collectively insisted that our lives, our bodies, are also sacred texts that need to be studied and taken seriously?

Check out Aya Media and Publishing, LLC’s website for information on how to buy the book. We will be releasing other projects in the near future. One of the projects that we will be working on in 2021 is one for the Aya Collective which will explore many of the themes that the Aya Collective/ Kinky Curly Theological Collective has reflected on over the last several years. Proposals for this project are due March 1. Click here for more information.

Timeless and timely at the same time. Ebony Adedayo shares her heart, her theology, and her wisdom in these pages, a true gift to the reader. Relatable and profound. The retelling of the story of Sodom from a womanist theological perspective is brilliant and healing.

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